Residents react to news that accused cop killer graduated from Daleville High


DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Residents are reacting to the news that Grady Wayne Wilkes, the man accused of injuring two officers as well as shooting and killing one, is a Daleville High School graduate.

“Oh Lord, not Daleville,” resident Steve Brophy said. “It can’t be. That’s impossible. I hate it for the law enforcement community and our community to hear that that came out of here.”

The news has become so widespread, that some residents said they were first told by family members that don’t even live nearby.

“My sister lives in Phenix City and she called me,” said resident Douglas Hall. “I knew he (Wilkes) was from the Wiregrass, but I didn’t know he was from Daleville, specifically.”

Other residents told our sister station, WDHN News 18 that Daleville is a city filled with good people and that the idea that a former resident could commit such a crime is almost unbelievable. 

“We’ve got great streets, we’ve got good police, good people,” Brophy said. “I’m just really stunned that this happened.”

Some residents said they’re worried that Wilkes’ actions will now reflect poorly on the entire city.

“(It) kind of puts a bad mark on Daleville and the people here, but not everybody is like that,” Hall said. “You’ve got a bad seed everywhere I reckon.”

Currently, Wilkes is behind bars without bond. 

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