Record number of women running for office this election

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

U.S. (WIAT) — A record number of female candidates are running for office this election. 

The League of Women’s Voters say women are feeling more empowered and want to join the movers and shakers in government.

Stacey Abrams is a candidate for Georgia governor. She is just one of hte record number of women taking center stage this November.

“I think women are feeling more powerful than ever before,” League of Womens voters CEO, Virginia Kase, said. 

Kase says women are more interested than ever in politics, and in becoming politicians. 

Georgetown University professor of government Michele Swers says the outcome of the races could have a major impact on local, state and federal policies. 

“Reaction to President Trump and his style that’s pushed a lot of these women to throw their hat in the ring,” Swers said.

And it’s not just female candidates playing a key role in this year’s midterms. Experts says issues like health care, reproductive rights and even immigration may inspire a large number of women to come out and vote. As for Republican women, Swers says they’re energized, too. Especially white working class women who voted for and strongly support President Trump.

Swers says whether running for office, or walking to the voting booth, women are sure to have a major impact on the mid-term elections. 

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