Ramsay-McCormack redevelopment underway after sitting vacant for 38 years

July 04 2021 12:00 am

ENSLEY, Ala. (WIAT) — In efforts of helping Ensley return to an economically vibrant business district, the Ramsay-McCormack building is now being redeveloped.

City leaders say they are hoping bringing the historic building back to life will serve as a major catalyst for growth in the area.

District developer Irvin Henderson says when the reconstruction is complete the building will again serve as the centerpoint for Ensley and the business district.

Henderson says beyond the the Ramsay-McCormack building he and other developers are looking at creating more housing, commercial, community engagement, and growth opportunities for area residents.  

Henderson believes working with the people of Ensley is essential to ensuring the continuous prosperity for years to come. 

“We want them to see people coming and going creating economics by their mere presence and as other business owners see that then they’ll say I can open a restaurant, I can open a coffee shop, and I can open a jazz lounge because the people are there,” Henderson said.

It’s expected to take about 75 days for the Ramsay-McCormack building to be torn down prior to the new construction beginning.

The new site will also showcase some of the same historic materials from the original building built in 1929.


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