Rally to end gun violence held after 8-year-old shot in Tuscaloosa


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – On Saturday, a Tuscaloosa community rallied for change in a “Break the Silence, End The Violence” peaceful protest. This comes after 8-year-old Tydarrius Thomas was shot on Monday.

Since the shooting, it has brought a renewed sense of purpose to locals as they advocate for injustice especially amongst each other. Tydarrius Thomas’s mother Ternisha Thomas says she is pleading for the person who committed the crime to come forward.

“I just want justice for my son. It’s been a lot on the family members and we’ve had hard times going back and forth to UAB. The transportation we did have the investigators have the truck that’s been shot up,” Ternisha Thomas said.

Ternisha Thomas added she was not in the car at the time of her son’s injury. However, she says it’s disheartening to know this could happen again in the community.

 “I’ve been mad, crying, sad and depressed. I thought my baby was gone,” said Ternisha Thomas, Mother of Tydarrius

Activists at Saturday’s rally spoke of systematic change needed in Crescent East to help prevent continued violence.

“They have a pride about themselves, but they need resources. The kids need resources, computer rooms things that keep friction off the kids. There is a lot of small things to boost the morale of the people up so you don’t have to call the police,” said Kenneth Lucos, former Crescent East Resident,

Organizers say partnerships amongst various community entities can also help enhance their efforts.

They added standing in solidarity is the only way to help them start making a difference.

“.This is just one way of communicating that there is a problem and we recognize that we have a problem from all organizations. Hopefully, by all the different organizations from religious groups, motorcycle clubs, social organizations, NAACP all of them will pass the word that we have to address breaking the silence and stopping the violence,” said Darryl Mckinstiry, community activist.

Tydarrius mother Ternisha says he is expected to make a full recovery.

For more information on how you can help the family during this difficult time call 205-239-2923.


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