Thursday: Rain. That pretty much sums up Thursday. Showers will be intermittent overnight becoming more widespread and heavier throughout the day tomorrow. Rain should end before sunrise Friday morning.

Rainfall amounts will be spread out enough that I don’t anticipate major flooding, but as always, a few spots may be more susceptible to holding onto that water. The highest amounts in central Alabama will be between 1-2″ but there could be a couple of locally heay spots at 3″.

Friday: It will be sunny! I wish I could stop there…but that wouldn’t be the entire story. As the front moves through and carries the rain away, we will be left with a clear sky and gusty winds. The wind chill most of the day will feel more like the 20s and 30s. Winds will be sustain between 15-20 mph.

Weekend Weather: Sunshine abounds Saturday an afternoon highs bounce back into the mid 50s. Despite the cold start both Saturday and Sunday morning, the afternoons will be much more bearable.