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“It’s just another day in paradise,” Charles Williams, owner of Limestone Park says.

We hit the jackpot this week in finding this hidden gem. Limestone Park Canoe Rental is in the quiet, small town of Brierfield.There’s pretty much just a post office and this hot spot. William’s dad purchased the farm land back in 1931. Almost 90 years later, Williams maintains the farm and shares his “piece of paradise” with the public.

You may want to wait for this wet weather to pass, but when it does Williams says it’s the perfect time to come. “It’s a lot more fun right now with the water up like this.”

Limestone Park Canoe Rental is actually a tube rental business! They used to rent canoes, but not solely rent tubes. The team will load the tubes into a truck and drop you off at the river for $10 a person and $5 per tube to carry your cooler. It takes about two to three hours to float down the river and end up at the swimming hole. There is a waterfall or two to tube down and still waters to break for lunch, swim and even fish.

“It’s a family friendly environment,” Cody Hill said. Hill was out on the water with his cousins and told me they’ve been coming to the park their whole life. It’s somewhere to plan on spending most of the day with friends, family and mother nature.

After looking through pictures on their Facebook page and finding this hot spot myself, it’s obvious this place is where people have grown up going to or you’ve never heard of it. If you’ve never heard of, now you have!

Here are a couple tips from the pros, make sure to wear tennis shoes or water shoes as a safety precaution to slippery rocks or possible glass. The grounds do get cleaned weekly, and glass is prohibited on the property; however, it does still happen unfortunately. There is an age limit to go down the river. Anyone under the age of six cannot go. A tip for finding Limestone Park…after you turn when you see the canoe, stay on the gravel. When the gravel ends, look left and you’ll see a small office, pile of black tubes and trucks to load them – you’ve made it!

During the week, you can float down the river from 9am to 3pm and on the weekends from 9am to 4pm. “Once you come, you’ll be back.”

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