Race Fans at Talladega Superspeedway adjusting to burn ban


TALLADEGA, AL (WIAT)- Thousands of race fans are making their way to Talladega Superspeewday for race week and the big race on Sunday.  This year because of a burn ban no fires are allowed and fans are adjusting.

James Scharv and eight of his buddy’s from Florida made their way to Talladega for the race week fun. They are hanging out playing games and plan to hit the race Sunday.

“Talladega race week is probably my favorite time of the year to be honest you get come out here with your buddies,” said camper Louis Barone

They usually like to have a campfire, and actually brought these pallets. They were unaware of the burn ban when they left.

“We didn’t know about until we hit the road,” said Scharv.

They say won’t burn.

“As you can see they have police officers patrolling pretty heavily so on the safe side probably going to stay away from burning the pallets,” said Barone.

Johnny Walker from Mississippi and his friends also like to have a campfire.

Walker has come to Talladega for several years and shows us where he usually has his fire.

“This year it’s a RIP, I thought about stacking some wood and a sign that said RIP, Rest In Peace campfire because no campfires,” said Walker.

Even though no fires this year for Walker he say he and his friends always enjoy Talladega.

“The hospitality out here the partying, the high speed racing on the track the action the track,” said Walker.

To keep warm at night fans they have brought extra warm clothes.

Talladega superspeedway spokesperson Russell Branham says that the campers have been doing a great job of following the rules.

“We are monitoring. We have people going around just to make sure that everyone is complying with what the rules are this week. I think everyone wants to have a good time they understand what the rules are,” said Branham.

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