BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WAIT) — Students across Alabama are heading back to school this week and they’re packing their bags for the academic year ahead.

In this week’s “Living Well with Michelle,” Michelle met with PrimeSpine Chiropractic Wellness owner & chiropractor Dr. Matt Smith to talk backpack safety. 

“Over half of school-aged kids — their backpacks are too heavy,” Smith said. “And half of those kids are developing back pain.”

Check out the list of “PrimeSpine backpack facts” for helpful hints to properly wear a backpack. 

Tips on how to properly wear your backpack

Backpack Do’s and Don’t’s

DO wear both straps instead of one
DO adjust straps for better support and posture

WATCH BACKPACK FACTS: Selecting the right backpack has a major impact on students’ physical health – CBS 42 Cameron Edgeworth speaks to experts at PrimeSpine in Vestavia Hills