(WIAT) — With all the reaction pouring in from the most-anticipated debate of the year, many people want to know what did the candidates say that’s fact and fiction.

Let’s first look at Hillary Clinton. The group FactCheck.org is a non-partisan, non-profit group. The first thing they pointed out was Hillary Clinton’s claim that her economic plan would create 10 million new jobs. The fact checkers say it’s only about a third of that.

They site an independent report that actually states the economy would create most of those jobs under current law. The additional jobs would only come if all of Clinton’s plans were enacted, which isn’t likely. The fact checkers also point out Clinton “revising history” about her support of the Trans-Pacific trade deal. She seems to be backing off of her once unwavering support of the plan.

Now let’s look at just Donald Trump. Tax returns dominated a portion of the debate. Fact checkers say Trump implied there’s not much to learn from his tax returns, but tax experts disagree. FactCheck.org sights that we can learn things like whether Trump has overseas income or foreign bank accounts. Also, on Trump saying ISIS was formed when US troops left Iraq, the fact checkers say experts claim it’s not that simple. There’s the fact that President George W. Bush signed the agreement and set the date for the withdrawal.