Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren holds event in Birmingham


BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) held an organizing event in Birmingham to talk about some of the issues she Is focused on in the 2020 presidential election. 

The Boutwell auditorium had around 500 people inside holding signs that said “Dream big, Fight hard.”

“I want a government that doesn’t work for giant multi-national coroparations. I want one that works for families like ours,” Senator Warren said to a crowd of supporters.

Her supporters came in from all over the state. They said they want Alabama to be seen by all candidates.

“I heard her message about people in the deep south being ignored and I understand that,” Joann Cummings, a Warren supporter, said. “We appreciate people and coming to talk to us and havig our vote count and voice count.”

Warren said it’s not traditional for a politician to come to the south, but not for her. 

“I believe when you run for president, it aught to be president for all the people and the way to do that is to come out and talk to all people. To share ideas, hear from people. I love being here in Alabama and this is a great crowd. These are folks who are fired up and ready to make some changes,” Warren said. 

Her followers stood in line to talk to the presidential candidate. They told CBS 42’s Hillary Simon they feel more empowered in this election. 

“There is more energy on left side in my lifetime. I started voting during George W. Bush,” Drew Lasater said. 

“I think there is value on both sides and I think it’s us coming together and working together,” Elishua Markham said. 

The Alabama GOP chairman released a statement on Warren’s visit saying, “Senator Warren mistakenly thought her socialist message would make up for her deceptions about her native american heritage,” Alabama GOP chairman Terry Lathan said.

Lathan also said, “Senator Warren, your Massachusetts values are not Alabama values. Alabamians want no part of your agenda, not even 1/2024 worth.”

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