BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The primaries are just three weeks away and voters won’t just be deciding on candidates as they fill out their ballots. Governor Kay Ivey has been campaigning for Amendment 1.

If passed, the amendment would get rid of the elected state school board of education and replace it with a commission, appointed by the Governor.

Along with shifting the power from voters to the governor, the amendment would change the name of the state school board of education to the Alabama Commission of elementary and secondary education.

The governor would also appoint commissioners for up to two terms, with the senate’s approval. The state’s superintendent title would be changed to the secretary of elementary and secondary education.

Governor Kay Ivey said this is about improving the state’s national education ranking and changing the system as a whole.

“It’s not about teachers or principals or superintendents or even school board members. It’s the structure of our system. Our current system, we are one of six states that has the current system we have. If you look at where those six states score on national rankings, they’re at the bottom like we are…The system is broken.”

Those opposed to this law are concerned voters won’t understand what they’re deciding on based on how this amendment appears on the ballot.

To read the amendment’s full text, click here.