MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — After a second time around, voters chose Andrew Sorrell as Alabama’s next state auditor.

During a statewide runoff vote Tuesday, Alabama Rep. Andrew Sorrell beat Stan Cooke with 57.5% of the vote. During the May 24 primary, Sorrell received only 39.5% of the vote to Cook’s 32.8%.

The role of state auditor is to maintain correct records of the governor’s receipts and audited claims, as well as track of state property valued above $500. No Democratic contenders ran in their primary, making Sorrell the overall winner and bypassing the need for a general election vote for the office in November.

“(Wife) Hannah and I are thrilled for the opportunity to serve the 5 million people of Alabama in Montgomery the next four years—now in a different role,” Sorrell wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday morning. “Serving House District 3 as State Representative was a true honor, and I’ll remember how much I enjoyed it for the rest of my life! I want to thank all the people who elected me to that position in 2018, and also thank the 205,000 people who voted for me today statewide! It never gets old hearing people say they’re voting for me. It’s humbling every time!”

Andrew Sorrell has represented the state’s 3rd District in the Alabama House of Representatives since 2018. Sorrell, 36, is from Muscle Shoals and works as a real estate investor, as well as co-founding Infinity College Textbooks and Gold, Guns, and Guitars pawn shop in Madison.

Stan Cooke is a pastor and found of Abraham’s Promise, a nonprofit group that ministers to people in Israel.

Sorrell replaces Jim Zeigler, who first took office in 2015 and ran in Alabama’s secretary of state race this year, but lost in a runoff to Wes Allen Tuesday.