PRATTVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama is one week away from primary election day and the U.S. Senate race is heating up. CBS 42 caught up with candidate and Congressman Mo Brooks on the campaign trail.

Brooks made a stop at a Prattville barbeque joint to talk with voters and share why he says he should be the state’s next senator.

During the stop, Brooks told voters he’d work to protect the Second Amendment, secure the southern border and uphold moral values.

“In the U.S. Senate, a principled conservative like myself is better situated to be able to stop the erosions of some of these values that have combined to make us who we are as a nation,” Brooks said.

Prattville resident Lori Herring said she likes that Brooks has a voting record, so she knows where he stands on the issues that matter to her.

“Abortion is very important to me, and I know that Mo is solidly prolife. I’m also very concerned about the border, and the security and what’s happening in our country with all the ignoring of the laws,” Herring said.

Richard Herring said he likes Brooks’ views on election security and thinks he’s what the state needs in a senator.

“He’s down to earth, he’ll talk to you, he’ll shoot you real straight I think. He doesn’t do a whole lot of go between. He’ll tell you exactly what you want. Sometimes you won’t like it, but he’s straight up,” Herring said.

Brooks said his choice to run for Senate is part of his own self-imposed term limit in the House of Representatives. He also says the Senate offers more opportunity to make an impact.

“It’s time for me to retire from that position and give the people from this state the opportunity to send me to the Senate where you can be more effective, one of 100 versus one of 435,” Brooks said. “Plus, the rules enable one person in the Senate to kill a lot of bad things, where in the House, we just get outvoted.”

Brooks is currently in his 12th year as a U.S. Congressman representing the Tennessee Valley.