MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Huntsville business owner and veteran Mike Durant spent time meeting with voters in Helena Wednesday, taking questions and sharing why he says he should be the state’s next Senator.

There he heard from voters who say they like his business and military background.

“He reminds me a lot of Trump. He’s a businessman, and he sees some things that he can help with, so I’m looking for him to do just that,” Helena resident Tom Lafebvre said.

Durant emphasized that securing the southern border is his top priority, and what he’s hearing voters want most.

“Border security is a major concern, and what I tell people is the good news is we can fix that. We can’t do it until we gain control, but assuming we get control, we should be able to get the wall back underway and secure the border,” Durant said.

Former Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry says he appreciates Durant’s support for law enforcement, and wants to see the next Senator address inflation.

“The United States government can’t keep printing money, running up inflation, spending money they don’t have, we’ve got to go balance a budget. I think Mike thinks that same way,” Curry said.

Durant has received criticism from opponents Katie Britt and Mo Brooks for not committing to a debate or making more public appearances. Political analyst Steve Flowers says at this point in the race, having support on the ground will be crucial in getting voters to turn out.

“The polling is a picture of the entire field of the electorate, of potential Republican voters, and it depends on who shows up,” Flowers said.

With election day fast approaching, Durant made his pitch to voters.

“I am pro law enforcement, I’m pro-life, I am pro-second amendment, I am conservative, smaller government, lower taxes, all things that true Republicans believe in, that’s who I am,” Durant said.

Primary election day is May 24 but it could go to a runoff election in June if no candidate receives a majority of the votes. CBS42 will continue coverage of the other top U.S. Senate candidates in the coming days.