(NewsNation) — A poll worker shortage has led to longer wait times for voters, and even some polling sites shutting down. As many as 130,000 poll workers have left their positions over the last five years, according to the Military Times.

An organization called Vet the Vote is looking to lessen this shortage by registering veterans as poll workers in upcoming elections. They have a lofty goal: to recruit 100,000 veterans before November of this year.

Joe Plenzler, a 20-year Marine Corp veteran and founding board member of Vet the Vote, said on NewsNation’s “Morning in America” that the leadership skills veterans learn in the military will help them work elections.

“We’re keenly aware of following rules and regulations, we take security very seriously, we’re used to handling classified material and things like that,” he said. “But more importantly, we’re used to coming together from all parts of the country from every background, every socio-economic status, to work on one mission. And that mission is to protect America.”

To find out more about Vet the Vote, please visit https://vetthe.vote/.