BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Gov. Kay Ivey said today that she “fought back and won” after Facebook “banned” her campaign page this morning.

In a statement sent to media outlets this morning, Ivey said that the “ban” was due to her criticism of President Biden. Facebook contradicts that claim, and instead says that her page “was mistakenly flagged as an imposter.”

“Yesterday, the Governor’s campaign page was mistakenly restricted for less than an hour for reasons unrelated to any posted content,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “When we learned of our mistake, the page was quickly restored.”

Ivey, though, characterized the “ban” differently.

“Facebook banned my campaign page this morning,” Ivey’s statement said. “We fought back and won. Evidently, they’re upset that I said I’m standing in the way of President Biden to protect Alabamians from this outrageous overreach by the federal government.”

Ivey has been critical of Biden in the wake of his recent announcement that employers with more than 100 must require vaccines or weekly COVID-19 tests to help combat the spread of the virus.

“If big tech thinks they can silence us and that I won’t fight back, then honey, they haven’t met me,” she said. “They have another thing coming. I’m not backing down. I never will. We’re fighting Washington. We’ll fight big tech too.” 

Political analyst Steve Flowers weighed in on the Facebook suspension. Flowers says the governor’s strongly worded response really just comes down to politics.

“Kay Ivey is kind of posturing and demagoguing this issue a little bit as a lot of Alabama politicians are.  She’s probably anticipating an opponent of the right wing of the Republican Party,” Flowers said.

This isn’t the first time an Alabama politician has had a run-in with Facebook.

In July, a post by Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth was flagged as “missing context” by the site.

It is unclear how long the governor’s Facebook page was down.

CBS 42 has reached out to Facebook and will update this story when more information becomes available.