Rep. Bradley Byrne talks 2020 Senate campaign


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Congressman Bradley Byrne joined Art and Alissa on CBS 42 Morning News to talk about his run for 2020 U.S. Senate seat.

U.S. and Iran

Rep. Byrne is part of the Armed Service Committee and gave his stance on the U.S.-Iran conflict. He stated that he supported the U.S. strike on Iran.

Byrne said, “I do stand by it (the strike). I had a full personal briefing last week about what the intelligence was we had before we made that strike. I think it was the right thing to do. He was by far the most dangerous man in the Middle East, responsible for the deaths of 600 U.S. servicemen and women and thousands upon thousands of other people in the Middle East. America is safer, the world is safer now that he is gone.”

Byrne believes that the U.S. does not want war with Iran, but Iran must stop “the escalation against U.S. people.”

Thoughts on Trump impeachment

At present, the articles of impeachment against President Trump has not been sent over to the Senate. Rep. Byrne states he would like to join the Senate to get things done.

Rep. Byrne said, “It’s been four weeks. We have never done that before, that’s unprecedented. Usually sending the articles over is a formality and you just do it almost automatically. Now you got four weeks and the President is coming to Congress on Feb.4 to deliver the State of the Union Address. If this drags out, we will have the spectacle of the President delivering the State of the Union Address while he is under impeachment; that is not how to run this country.”

Controversial political commercial

Rep. Byrne’s latest campaign ad has received mixed reactions from the public. Some call the commercial “racist” while others praise Byrne for the message presented in the ad.

Rep. Byrne said, “When those people stand up and say the things that they say against our country while servicemen and women of all colors, races and religions, are out there putting their lives on the line for our country, I think what they’re doing is inappropriate and I’m glad I called them out. It’s not racist to say that this person or that person is saying something you disagree with.”

To view the political ad, see the video below:

Top issues in the campaign

Byrne would like for the country to get away from its division.

“The way you pull America together is you pull us together behind our first principles, the things we all agree on, everybody in America agrees on these principles. We have people trying to pull us away and we got to get back to them. Secondly, we have to defend this country better than what we are doing now. “

Rep. Byrne also mentioned immigration and protecting the southern border. He claims that issues involving the southern border including the “violence occurring on the Mexican side” are spilling over into America and that must be taken care of.

Finally, Rep. Byrne states both Republicans and Democrats must work to ease the cost of healthcare.


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