Government shutdown day 25: Impacts are felt across the country


(WIAT) — President Trump says democrats are playing politics as the partial government shutdown enters its 25th day.

President Trump said, “They’re only doing this for the 2020 election”

Both sides have refused to budge over $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York), said, “He’ll bluster, mislead, storm out of meetings, until he gets what he wants.”

800,000 federal employees are working without pay or furloughed, and that includes much of the White House staff. When the Clemson Tigers came to celebrate their college football national championship, the president bought the food.

President Trump said,”We have Big Macs, we have Quarter Pounders with cheese. We have everything you like and that I like.” 

The effects of the shutdown are more serious around the country, including at airports.

David Baker, president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association at Norfolk International Airport, saId, “You are going to see lengthier and lengthier flight delays as the staffing issues become worse.”

On Monday, the TSA said its employees, who missed a paycheck on Friday, called out sick at more than double the usual rate.

Vincent Smith, traveler in Atlanta, Georgia said, “It’s chaos out here. This line, I’ve been here about 15 minutes and it’s probably moved about two feet.”

The agency says it will move officers around the country to deal with the shortages. President Trump says he is not looking to call a national emergency and would rather work with democrats on a possible solution.

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