CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) – We are now six weeks away from election day in Alabama and as that deadline gets closer, candidates are going negative on their opponents.

CBS 42 Political Analyst Steve Flowers says a negative approach to campaigning is to be expected as election day gets closer.

“They wouldn’t do them if they didn’t work,” Flowers said. “Negative ads work and you can see a direct correlation.”

A newer ad from Lindy Blanchard doing just that, saying Governor Kay Ivey says we should be blaming the unvaccinated.

“You’ll be able to look up what we say to see that it’s fact,” Blanchard said. “ I believe it’s okay to state the truth.”

Tim James said it’s just part of the game.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call them negative, I’d call them truth,” James said. “That’s just typical discourse in a governor’s race and this is an Alabama governor’s race which means it’s extra tough.”

Flowers said the negative ads do work, but don’t take the voter to another candidate.

“That’s the problem. They may pull people off of Kay Ivey, but where do they go?”

The Cullman County Republican Women hosted a governor’s forum on Tuesday. Six of the nine candidates participated. Governor Kay Ivey did not attend and her campaign did not respond to our request for comment.

“I feel like this state deserves better and I appreciate what she’s tried to do in her time,” Blanchard said. “I think it’s time to take the ship out of port and move forward.”

The election is six weeks from now on May 24.