MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Former President Donald Trump was indicted for the third time Tuesday, just days ahead of his visit to Alabama.

A court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, while Friday, he is expected to speak at the ALGOP Summer Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery.

The ALGOP says Sen. Tommy Tuberville will introduce Trump at the event.

After a stop during his statewide tour taking input about the Farm Bill, Tuberville told reporters he thinks the indictment is politically motivated.

“They need to leave President Trump alone,” Tuberville said. “Let him run. If he loses, he loses. If he wins, he wins. But right now, there’s so much pressure, from it looks like the Department of Justice, to put more pressure on President Trump, that shouldn’t happen.”

Trump faces four felony charges from the Department of Justice (DOJ). The indictment states he lied as part of a conspiracy to remain in power after losing in 2020.

While some Republicans have brushed it off as an attempt to hurt his chances in 2024, former Democratic Sen. Doug Jones said the charges should be taken seriously.

“It’s really unbelievable to me that so many people, now that we have seen three indictments, there may be a fourth, each one getting more serious as they go, that folks would still not sit back and think maybe there’s something to this,” Jones said.

Trump’s previous indictments dealt with illegally keeping classified documents and hush money payments. Jones said this is the most serious one yet.

“It’s a cult following, that they will continue to follow,” Jones said about Republicans’ continued support for Trump.

Tuberville, however, said the indictment is unnecessary.

“Too much politics involved in this election coming up,” Tuberville said.

Trump’s speech is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday. The ALGOP says so far more than 2,000 people have bought tickets to the event.