BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a new year full of potential and new beginnings, and many are chomping at the bit to see what’s in store.

For Alabama politics, CBS42 political analyst, Steve Flowers, says Governor Kay Ivey and the state legislature could have several different cards up their sleeves when it comes to their mission for the upcoming year.

Although Governor Ivey has kept her future agenda under wraps, Flowers says she has noted this next term will make her ‘the education governor.’ He says the state’s education budget should complement her intentions well.

“So, there’s money in education,” said Flowers. “Now what she wants to do as far as education, the way it’s perceived to me is that one thing she ought to look at is spending money on our community college system.”

Flowers says our state could greatly benefit from giving more people the opportunity to be trained in a trade like plumbing, welding, or manufacturing.

“We need the money of education to go towards training people for those jobs. They make a lot more money than college graduates do with a degree from a community college. So, that will hopefully be something she’ll look at.”

He also says Alabamians, including those who are more conservative, really want the right to vote on a lottery.

Flowers says a special session is needed to address that issue along with gambling, and the governor must get behind it for change to happen.

“They realize now that we have gambling in this state,” said Flowers. “You can buy lottery tickets in Alabama, but they also realize that the Indians should not have a monopoly. Indian Casinos have a federal Monopoly. They’re not controlled by state.”

“So, people of Alabama want some state revenue coming from those gambling places too. It needs to be a comprehensive gambling issue and not just the lottery.”

Governor Ivey’s inauguration will take place on January 16 and she may hint at her main mission there, but flowers says we likely won’t know the main issues she and the Alabama legislature plan to tackle until the regular session begins in March.