Police turning to YouTube to catch more suspects


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – You can call it crime fighting in the digital age. Police in Lancaster County are using more Internet videos.

Lancaster police Sergeant Bill Hickey demonstrated for ABC27 News how the department is putting more of an emphasis on using videos. He showed a video of a string of convenience store robberies. The video highlights the suspect is wearing black, Nike pants.

“We’re drawing attention to some of the particulars and details,” Hickey explained.

The Lancaster City Police Department is using a program called Camtasia to make the videos. It allows officers to pinpoint details, blur faces of witnesses, and zoom in on potential suspects.

“We’re able to import the video from different outlets and edit that in a way that it’s easily seen by people,” Hickey said.

Lancaster police have taken their efforts to go viral one step further. They also have a makeshift studio complete with lights, a camera, and editing equipment.

The video equipment was donated by Allstate with the intention of making more videos.

“If you want people to communicate with you, you have to be on the platforms they are using to communicate,” Hickey said. “Twenty years ago, everything was phone calls. Now, everything is Internet or some kind of social media.”

The East Lampeter Township Police Department is also using a similar program.Get breaking news, weather and traffic on the go. Download the ABC 27 News Appand the ABC 27 Weather App for your phone or tablet.

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