Police officer isn’t letting cancer keep him from serving and his department isn’t letting him fight alone


PLEASANT GROVE, Ala (WIAT)– Officer Jeff Gulley swore to protect and serve his community, and he fully intends to keep that promise, even while battling cancer.

He received his diagnosis in January: colon cancer. He’s since underwent three surgeries and goes to chemotherapy twice a month for three days.

But that doesn’t hold him back from wearing his uniform.

“You can only watch so many reruns,” Gulley says laughing.

He says he went to his doctor and told him he wanted to return to work.

“He wants to come to work, and he’s got a great attitude,” says Lieutenant Danny Reid. “If you hear him on the radio, you’ll chuckle sometimes because he has such a good attitude about it, and so it’s been infectious. The chatter over police radio is usually pretty boring, but Jeff has brought a lot of fun to it.”

Gulley has served with the Pleasant Grove Department of Public Safety for over four years. He started his law enforcement career with the Birmingham Police Department and spent 20+ years with the department.

“Jeff’s long service to community speaks to the man he is,” reads a Facebook post on PGPD’s page.

“The Police Department is a family, and we look out for our own.”


In that Facebook post, PGPD announced they were supporting their brother in blue and not going to let Gulley fight alone.

Reid says he decided to surprise Gulley by having blue bracelets made in his honor.

Gulley’s badge number, 368, is printed on the bracelets.

Gulley says he was speechless- and still is.

Reid had 200 bracelets made, and then posted they were for sale Monday.

The bracelets are being sold for $5 and all the money is going to help support Gulley and his family.

“Really, we weren’t doing this as a fundraiser, until it started taking off, and everyone was so excited about it,” says Reid.

The Pleasant Grove Police Department is raising money to support Officer Jeff Gulley in his battle against cancer.

Gulley found out he is a candidate for a special operation that will need to be done in Kentucky.

He says the long procedure will have him out of the state for a week. Initially, he says his family was not going to be able to come with him.

Reid says he hopes this fundraiser changes that.

“We thought, maybe if we opened it [the fundraiser] up to the community, we could send his family worry free. You know, here’s your hotel room. Here’s your food. Here’s your gas to get up here. You’re having to deal with enough. Let’s at least take that burden off of you.”

By Tuesday, only a few bracelets remained.

The cause is reaching further than Pleasant Grove’s city limits. Reid says a nearby police department picked up 60 bracelets.

Gulley says the support is beautiful and unexpected.

“I’m just at work. I’m just a normal guy.”


He plans to keep serving his community- and to beat cancer.

“It’s not about me- it’s about God. He has complete control of what’s going on right now and I don’t. I’m doing what I can and he does what he does.”

With the first 200 bracelets running out, Reid is putting in an order for more.

If you would like to buy a bracelet to support Officer Gulley, you can pick it up at the Pleasant Grove Police Department. They are taking cash and Venmo (@PGPOLICE).

CBS News came to Officer Gulley’s send off- watch their in depth report here.


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