Police in Bibb County find drugs and cell phones near the prison in backpacks


BRENT, Ala. (WIAT)-Police in Brent are trying to track down whoever left drugs and other contraband
in several backpacks in the woods near the Bibb County correctional facility.

Chief Terry Nichols believes the contraband was being taken to the prison to be smuggled inside to inmates.  On December 25th officers recovered nearly one hundred thousand dollars worth of drugs and cell phones.

“Anytime you can prevent things getting inside the prison or the jail is good.  Because we have
several problems in recent years of people attempting.  Sometimes we catch it before it gets in
and sometimes it actually gets thrown over the fence” Nichols said.

A Brent resident located two backpacks containing fifty one cell phones and chargers, ear phones, razor blades, Sawzall blades, 3/4 pound of Marijuana, 52 Grams of Methamphetamine, 30 Xanax bar pills, 1 meth pipe and several bottles of tattoo ink along with other items.  The contraband was in the woods about a three-quarters of a mile from the jail.  

Chief Nichols says this has been an on-going problem for years at the jail.

“But usually the prison officials that are on the outside they ride the perimeter of the property
and if they see something suspicious they may call us and say hey we have a vehicle down
here thats odd.  And we might stop it and sometimes we may find contraband thats possibly going to
the prison” Nichols said.

The chief says this is his departments fourth interception of drugs in the past six months.  His officers
work closely with corrections officers to try to keep drugs out of the jail.

“well if you get caught theres no doubt your going to get charged. If we can tie you too its going to 
be a felony charge depending on what and how much it is”.

No arrests have been made in the case.

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