Plans in place to help enhance data usage for cell phones at the Super Bowl


HOUSTON (WPRI) — With more than one million people expected to be in town for the Super Bowl, many will be walking with phones in their hand.

Cell phone carriers like AT&T have been preparing since 2015 to make sure everyone has quick service to post updates on social media channels.

For instance, antennas have been placed on top of buildings to help enhance data usage.

Preparations like this have changed a lot since the last Super Bowl in Houston in 2013, where people were mainly using their phones for texting and emailing.

“Now it’s doing selfies, posting them to Facebook or Instagram or doing live videos,” AT&T Area Manager Frank Jackowski said.

This event is the biggest one AT&T has had to prepare for with such a large amount of people in the same place at one time.

“This not only is a Super Bowl for the NFL but it’s also for the carriers who can get the best quality service,” added Jackowski.

There’s also something set up called Cell on Wheels, or COW, which can help provide service to about 40,000 people.

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