PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) — Parents and students met Monday afternoon with Pinson Valley High school’s principal over the controversial firing of two teachers.

Tempers flared during the meeting. Many parents and students came out and were very passionate about Adam Bearden and Brandon Triola. One parent got really irritated and had to be escorted out by Jefferson County deputies after threatening principal Michael Turner.

“First of all I want to say this, Mr. Turner is a very good principal, he is a fair man,” said Steven Baird II, a parent and Pinson Valley alum.

Many parents agreed although a lot were left confused as were students, after Monday’s lack of responses as to why the teachers were let go.

Principal Michael Turner said, “I know that many you have called, and leaving messages needing to know and demanding to know and to know exactly why they were not brought back, unfortunately by law I am not permitted to get into that and I know for some of you that may seem like a cop out but that’s the reality unfortunately.”

“I feel like it could have went better, but he had to do what he had to do,” said Niya Taylor, a senior fine arts student.

“These teachers were apart of the community, they were apart of the family, if somebody came into your house and ripped out a part of the family, how would you feel, how would you react,” Baird explained.

Some students reacted by making plans to drop out of the fine arts programs and even change schools, Taylor said she feels bad for those who attend Pinson Valley next year.

“Some kids explained to me that when they go home they don’t have perfect families, they don’t have a mom that cares or have a dad that sits down and talks to them,” she said.

“Bearden and Triola, that was their parents, and they really needed them and the timing could not have been worst.”

There was word that the teachers first found out that they were let go because their jobs were posted online. The superintendent confirmed that and said it was negligence on the board’s part.