PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) — Discussions over possibly forming its own school system stalled Thursday night in Pinson. A split vote from the city council over a feasibility study tabled the issue.

After some passionate discussion, the city council couldn’t get a majority vote to move forward with the feasibility study essentially killing the idea altogether.

Currently, Pinson is part of the Jefferson County School System but the city was considering breaking away and forming its own district in the future. That’s why some council members and the mayor wanted the study conducted.

It would look at if there’s a need for a new district and if the area could even afford to stand in its own. A big issue right now in Pinson schools is maintenance, or the lack thereof, which is a big part of why these discussions are happening.

Mayor Joe Cochran said he worries that Pinson gets lost in the mix.

“It’s oftentimes you get lost in the wash. You’ve got 64 schools, you got 13 feeder patterns, where do we fit in with that? We’re very involved with our schools, we care about our community, our kids, and all of our kids that go to our schools. We want what’s best for them,” Cochran said.

Mayor Cochran said despite Thursday’s vote, his main priority is the kids and making sure they are set up for success. For now, Pinson will continue to push for funding to make the needed repairs.