Hayden, Ala. (WIAT) — An 84 year-old pilot is recovering in the hospital after his plane went down in Blount County.

The pilot’s Cessna 172 airplane crashed at Campbell’s Field on Arkadelphia road in Hayden. Susan Crowson, the owner of a restaurant at Campbell’s Field, witnessed the crash.

“He went in very low and very slow,” Crowson said. “I think he stalled, just nosed it in. He hit the left wing first, that popped the fuselage around, and nosed into the dirt,” said Crowson.

Crowson told CBS42 News that the pilot was Jack Fisher, a regular at the restaurant. Due to her training she received in her former career as a nurse, Crowson was able to spring into action to help her friend.

“He had bruising on his face, he has some cuts on his face,” Crowson said. ” [He] got some bruising around where the seat belt and dash board got him and some cuts on his arm.”

Crowson says that Fisher was talking, but that he was confused and didn’t know what happened

Three area fire departments responded to the scene, along with an air evac helicopter, which airlifted the pilot to the hospital.

Crowson told CBS42 News that Fisher flies about two times a week at the Campbell Field.

“Extremely experienced pilot, he has been flying for years,” said Crowson.