CALERA, Ala (WIAT) –The city of Calera is making national attention after the murder of Kathleen West. 

People in the city said this makes them feel uneasy.

A lot of people say it’s odd to hear Calera being talked about around the country. 

This is a very tight-lipped investigation from police, but that’s not stopping people in the area from talking. 

Many eyes on Calera, Alabama after the recent killing of a Calera mother. 

“We don’t have this kind of activity here. I guess the more the city grows, the more danger comes into a city so its’ got me a little nervous,” said Calera resident Connie Smith. 

Kathleen west, also known as Kat, was a 42 year old suburban wife and mom who also spent time as an adult-themed model on her subscription-based website. 

Connie said it’s all the town is talking about in community and school. 

Stacey Oglesby works at a liquor store in Calera. She said it’s crazy to see the attention it’s getting. 

“I just found out yesterday that crime watch daily is trying to pick up the story of the recent murder but I try not to look at that stuff. You know I don’t like dwelling in the negative,” said Oglesby. 

But it just so happens Oglesby was told from one of her employees that Kat and her husband came into this liquor store the night she was murdered.

“Apparently it was a night without kids and it was date night and my understanding is they did that but that’s just people talking but yah she was here the night before,” said Oglesby. 

Many people in Calera told CBS 42 they can’t tell what’s the truth and what are rumors…but they said this is not what Calera should be remembered by.

“I don’t like seeing anything Alabamaon national news. It just puts a bad taste in other peoples mouths that aren’t from here that don’t know what it’s like in the south and don’t know we can very hospitable, very outgoing and very welcoming,” said Stacey. 

“It’s a beautiful place. My mother lived here, my grandmother lived here, the kids have lived here for 10 years, so it’s a wonderful and safe place to be. It’s just an unusual situation,” said Smith.