PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A man is in jail with no bond after a woman says he had sex with her and did not tell her he is HIV positive. 

The woman says she had sex with Amos Weatherspoon, 35, twice in 2018, and she admitted he was her drug dealer. Text messages between Weatherspoon and the victim’s sister showed he knew he had HIV and did not tell her.

The victim received a message in November on Facebook that states: To all the females in Pensacola on FB, this dude is using a fake Facebook name of Tyrone Wright. His real name is Amos Weatherspoon and he is infected with HIV and out here trying to pass it to everyone. The post shows pictures of his Florida ID card, HIV medication and pictures of him. 

A search warrant was obtained from the Escambia County Health Department February 20 and his medical records show he tested positive for HIV in 2005. 

The woman said he started off using a condom but removed it halfway through intercourse. 

The woman was tested and it came back negative for HIV but she was told she must be retested in a few months.