PELHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — National night out events are taking place in Pelham and Irondale Tuesday evening.

Pelham Police Chief Brent Sugg said this event invites community members into a comfortable and fun environment that allows community members to build a stronger bond with local police and firefighters.

Chief Sugg said they take this opportunity to educate the public on important concepts like utilizing their safe trade zones and “if you see something, say something.”

He referenced a shooting that happened at Southgate Village Shopping Center on Sunday where one of the two individuals conducting a marketplace exchange was shot.

He commends the community members who trusted their public safety officials by notifying the police after witnessing this incident.

At National Night Out, community members will get to interact with law enforcement and other first responders alongside their gear and vehicles one on one.

This helps show the community their local law enforcement and first responders are really no different than them.

“We have families, we have homes, we have lives, our kids are in school,” said Chief Sugg. “So, we’re doing the very same things. We go to church with you. So, it’s an opportunity to have a conversation. It creates a personal relationship for us.”

“And just to show that collaboration with all of us it really is important for us to be able to provide the best service for our citizens whether a 911 call is a police matter or a fire matter or a medical matter,” added Fire Chief Mike Reid.

Irondale’s Mayor James D. Stewart Jr. said their National Night Out event will be full of fun activities and opportunities to get to know city police and firefighters in a comfortable setting.

He said this is all happening at the Irondale Civic Center, which is a bigger venue this year due to more participation and more equipment to showcase like the city’s new fire trailer.

Mayor Stewart added he hopes their community members walk away with more confidence in their city police and fire personnel.

“They are truly there to make sure that they are protecting the community; however, they cannot do it by themselves and that they can participate in a way to help our police department and fire department do a better job for the individuals that live in the city of Irondale,” said Mayor Stewart.

Mayor Stewart said building community, builds a brighter future.

You can find more details on the national night out event happening this evening in Irondale here and Pelham here.