BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Some travelers flying Southwest Airlines tell me it has been frustrating getting to their destination.

“I received a text from Southwest that my flight had been canceled,” passenger Marie Michelle said.

Michelle tells CBS 42 she is trying to return to Long Island, New York, after traveling to Montgomery to see her son play in the Camelia Bowl. However, she is preparing for a 12-hour commute back home because of southwest airline flight cancellations.

“I am now flying to Philly and taking Amtrak to Penn Station,” Michelle said.

Flight tracking service FlightAware says Southwest has canceled over 15 thousand flights since winter weather began disrupting air travel on December 22.

Southwest airlines CEO Bob Jordan says the airline plans to operate on a reduced schedule for the next few days.

“With our large fleet of airplanes and crews out of position in several locations and after days of trying to operate much of our busy schedule during the holiday weekend, we reached a point to sufficiently reduce our flying to catch up,” Jordan said. “We’re focusing on safely getting all these pieces back into positions to end this rolling struggle.”

Travelers CBS 42 spoke with say the issues they have experienced through Southwest are making them doubt flying on the airline for future travels.

“It has been convenient for me,” passenger Natalie Delacruz said. “I fly a lot to visit my family, but I think I will reconsider a different airline for my next flight out here.”

Southwest has offered vouchers in some instances and is encouraging customers to submit receipts for reimbursement requests.