Parkland students protest at Alabama State House


Surviving students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting traveled about six hundred miles to Montgomery to let their message be heard.  

“We’re here because at the end of the day there are people in Alabama that care about this issue,” said Alex Wind.

Alex Wind, who lead much of Wednesday’s demonstration, says rain or shine, the issues of school safety is one that’s worth addressing. 

“You see that private schools do not have these shooting incidents. They don’t have problems with shooters, but public schools do,” said Bianca Cameron- Schwiesow. “Why is that? How can we emulate these private schools?”

Alabama’s solution to school safety is to voluntarily arm school administrators in schools without a resource officer — a recommendation coming from the governor’s safe school council.   

“All of my administrators I would trust, not necessary with a gun, but if it came down to needing to protect me, I would trust them,” said Love Lundy.  

“Bama Carry supports arming our teachers and school administrators as a way to help keep our children safe in school,” said Stephen Mizelle. 

We reached out to the governor’s office about her plan on school safety and the students protesting within earshot of her office. As of news time today, we have not heard back. 

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