Parents of Graham Elementary School complain about bats


Talladega, Ala., (WIAT) — Ebony Tanner is uneasy, dealing with a batty issue after an unknown estimate of bats reportedly infest Graham Elementary School in City of Talladega.

“It’s been going on since last year and its still going on,” said Tanner. She says her son even had a close encounter with a bat. “He said he was scared. It flew away, he heard it, he said he turned around and thats when it was going all through the school,” said Tanner.

She said the Talladega City School Board hasn’t done anything about the bats so CBS 42’s Cory McGinnis got answers from Superintendent Tony Ball, who said he walked through Graham Elementary School with the Department of Health and custodian to get to the bottom of things.

Several pictures of bats made it’s a way around the community that parents say came from the school. Ball said, “We spent probably two hours, going over that entire school, we found nothing, theres no evidence of any of those pictures taken there.”

This isn’t the first time Graham Elementary has been in a situation with bats roaming the building. In 2016, contractors were sent in and they no found live bats, but instead their feces that built up over time.

We reached out to the Department of Health and have yet to receive a comment.

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