Overcrowded school buses cause concern for Hueytown Parents


HUEYTOWN, AL (WIAT) – The Jefferson County School board will be sending an additional bus and has plans to change routes after a mother expressed deep concern over overcrowded school buses that serve Hueytown High School. 

CBS 42 received a statement from Public Relations Supervisor, Whitlee Lusk,

“We are experiencing a significant rise in student enrollment within the entire Hueytown feeder pattern this school year. Our Transportation Department was at Hueytown High School today for approximately 4 hours reviewing numbers and are in the process of modifying routes and adding one additional bus for the high school. This is a process that our Transportation Department reviews every school year in order to address fluctuations in student enrollment so that we can ensure the safety of all student passengers.”

Students at Hueytown High School were sent a letter following the overcrowding problem stating that buses had to to do a double run Wednesday. 

Nicole LesShoure has a daughter who attends Hueytown High School. She said the overcrowding led to concerns about safety. 

“Anything can happen, the picture says it all. I can see them going forward and there is nowhere to escape if they had to exit,” said LeShoure.

LeShoure said she is now content that the Jefferson County School Board is handling the issue after raising concerns.  

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