BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Neighbors are credited with helping police make an arrest in a shooting on 67th Courtway South.

The arrest came moments after a shooting that claimed one man’s life. This comes after concerns from the department, as well as city councilors, that people don’t come forward with information enough.

North Titusville Community President Michael Broadnax said neighbors fear retaliation for coming forward with information.

“We have fought, bled, sweat and fixed these streets to where we want them,” Broadnax said. “When you ask people to call the police, some police officers will go back and tell that somebody called the police on y’all. That’s what endangers these people. That’s what’s been going on.”

Broadnax said there are not enough officers to watch the neighborhood and they mostly pass through unless there’s an issue.

“Their presence needs to be in these hotspots,” Broadnax said. “If you know these spots hot, you need to put them in these hot spots.”  

This is something Birmingham Police are working to fix right now.

“We’re trying our best to put as many officers on the street as possible,” Recruiting Officer Marcus Robinson said.

BPD hosted a bi-monthly Physical Agility Ability Screening Wednesday to find more candidates.

Robinson said they’ve had to broaden their search for the best candidates, sometimes even searching out of state, but they want to get more people on the ground patrolling to keep the streets safer.

“It does worry us, but we have to do the best that we can. It’s just not a Birmingham problem, it’s a nationwide problem,” Robinson said.

Broadnax said more presence will help make North Titusville better.

“Put trained officer with one that has already been there and put them in some of those hot spots and let them patrol it,” Broadnax said. “That would bring down the crime.”

City leaders want you to get involved with your community to help battle gun violence. North Titusville’s community meets every first Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. at memorial park.