North Jefferson Co father gives gift of life to 11 year-old daughter


JEFFERSON CO, Ala (WIAT) — A North Jefferson county family is celebrating their daughter’s transplant after years of fighting a rare kidney disease. 

11 year old Chloe Davis got the gift of life last Thursday, September 6. 

Her father was a perfect match and successfully had one of his kidneys given to her.

The family is hopeful for her future but there are still more battles to come.

Chloe Davis said she is ready to be a normal kid again.

“After a transplant, you’re so excited to have all kind of stuff so I’ve just been eating chocolate and fries,” said Chloe, who is excited about her new kidney. 

Since the age of 5, she was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. Her parents knew at some point, she would need a new kidney.

“I was kind of shocked on how fast it went. We kept hearing she would do dialysis but I didn’t think it would really happen and it was like a bad dream when we were in the dialysis unit for her first treatment,” said Chloe’s mom, Ginger Davis. 

Chloe’s kidney function dropped to 4 percent in April. That required dialysis treatment every other day, including holidays and birthdays.

“Sometimes, I do wish I could be at school every day because I miss most of the work and no one really understands,” said Chloe.

Chloe was lucky because instead of waiting on the donor list, which could take 2 to 3 years, her father was a perfect match, and they successfully had the transplant last Thursday. 

“The first thing I thought of when I woke up is I wanted to see her. I was in the wheelchair, she was in her bed and I was happy. She’s definitely a part of me now,” said Wesley Davis, Chloe’s dad and kidney donor.

But the fight isn’t over for the Davis family. Their 6 year old, Clayton, has the exact same kidney disease.

“It was devastating the day we were told that his test were identical so I knew we were gong to start the whole process with him,” said Ginger Davis. 

For now, Clayton’s kidney is functioning at 100-percent. The family is just ready to move forward.

“I never thought about organ donation like I do now, and it hurts because we made some really good friends in dialysis and as much as I was happy for Chloe, we hated leaving our friends behind because we don’t know when that call will come for them,” said Ginger. 

“I really want her to come home so we can be all together,” said 6 year old Clayton Davis. 

The Davis family said Chloe will be able to be a regular kid again and go out for cheerleading and softball, but she will have to get another kidney as an adult.

For Clayton, the family is hoping he stays healthy for as long as possible.

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