A look at Kansas area floodwaters from the sky

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WINFIELD, Kan. (KSNW) – Mother Nature is often beautiful, but as we have seen recently, it can be destructive

Destruction seen from Kevin McClung’s drone rising above the rising water.

In Winfield, you can see train tracks, bridges and roads. The only traffic, water.

Rail cars a quarter mile north of the Winfield fairgrounds are out of steam.

At the fairgrounds, same story. Buildings damaged from rushing waters, and power lines with a different kind of current rushing through them. The grandstand is left standing in water. 

With the help of the Kansas Highway Patrol Air Support Unit, Cheney Lake islike bowl of water, filled and spilling over. The Marina floats at it’s mercy, wading its time until the water recedes.

But, for now, mother nature is taking her time.

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