WARRIOR, Ala. (WIAT) — On Monday, students at Warrior Elementary began the day at a new campus.

The multi-million dollar facility serves grades kindergarten through 5th grade and features a number of upgrades.

“We have a state-of-the-art-media center at the new Warrior Elementary site. All the areas are bigger and more suitable for what is available for our students today and teachers to have their classrooms there,” said Jeff Caufield, deputy superintendent of Jefferson County Schools.

The front entrance to the new Warrior Elementary School campus.

Another feature of the new campus is that it doubles as a severe weather shelter.

“We have wings of the buildings that can be cordoned off and be completely safe and meet all the weather codes in the case of sever weather that we oftentimes have,” Caufield said.

The former campus, which had previously been Warrior High School, has now been designated as a temporary campus for students of Fultondale High School, which was destroyed in a tornado in January. They will relocate and continue classes at the former Warrior Elementary campus later this month.

Jefferson County Schools is now working on sprucing up the former Warrior Elementary campus.

A look at the new Warrior Elementary School’s new gymnasium.

“In an effort to get these students and in a building, we had some speed up that came along with this process so that we could get these students in here more quickly,” Caufield said.

Caufield said preparing for the Fultondale High School students involves making accommodations to the classrooms, desks, bathroom facilities and more because of the age and size differences in students.

A photo of a hallway within the previously existing Warrior Elementary School. Fultondale High School students will soon walk these hallways – after expected renovations.

The district is expected have more news and updates regarding the in-person start date for Fultondale High School students soon.

In the meantime, there will be construction outside of the new Warrior Elementary campus on Hwy. 31, as the school called for an expansion to the roadway bordering the school.