TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – A company called Fit Foodz is investing $15 million into a new poultry processing plant in Tuscaloosa and will boost the local job market.

The facility will operate out of an existing warehouse located on 39th Street. It’s a 36 thousand square foot building that will include a raw processing line and a fully cook line that will employ two shifts of workers.

Fit Foodz is already planning to expand at the current Tuscaloosa warehouse property, with construction is expected to begin later this year. The new plant is expected to create 180 new jobs.

City Council president Kip Tyner says this will be a big boost the economy.

“It’s a very unique poultry plant and I understand a big part of what they do is also restaurants,” Tyner said. “I don’t know if that is what they will do in Tuscaloosa. But when you think about 180 good-paying jobs, it’s exciting.”

Kip Tyner says anytime a business invests in the community and brings new jobs, it’s good news for Tuscaloosa.

“I can just imagine the job applicants. It sounds like good pay and good benefits,” Tyner said. “Where else can you find 180 good jobs in the country these days?”

The company primarily holds operations in Japan, Guam and Europe. Tyner says it’s even more incredible to have Fit Foods first step in the U.S. located in Tuscaloosa.