New law helping with coverage for autism therapy


MONTGOMERY, Ala (WIAT) — A new law in effect will help families pay for therapy for children with autism. 

Some of Alabama’s most powerful companies fought this bill tooth and nail, but one mother tells us her son is the poster child as to why this autism bill was needed.

Like any six-year-old boy Liam loves toys, but what you don’t know is he has autism. 

“It’s not reasonable to think that ABA therapy should be an out-of-pocket costs, it’s a medical treatment for a medical diagnosis,” Catey Hall said.

Catey Hall, Liam’s mom, led the charge to get Alabama lawmakers to pass a bill requiring insurance companies to cover ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy under their plans. 

Hall credits therapy for helping Liam transition into kindergarten. 

“It mainly focuses on social interactions with children, mainly children on the spectrum.” 

Until this law, Hall paid for therapy out of packet, and although the law did not help her family, she is hoping it will help several other Alabama families.

“Families often times feel loss, many times families aren’t aware of what autism is,” and Melanie Jones.

Alabama Autism Society is another source for families, that may have questions about anything related to autism. 

“Alabama is really progressing. I can remember 10 years ago there was hardly anything for families.” 

For children who are on public insurance plans like All Kids, and Medicaid their coverage went into effect beginning 2019.

Parents say the law is good, but they would like to see the age cap removed from 18-years-old.

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