In preparation for summer this year, Alabama Splash Adventure has added some new and exciting additions to the park for you and the whole family to enjoy! 

“We’ve added four new rides and a wonderful little train all right here in the ride park,” said Pat “The General” Koch with Alabama Adventure. “The Rockin’ Tug, which is lots of fun, the Yo-Yo, which is a beautiful ride. The swings go up in the air and it’s just fun for everyone! The Tilt-aWhirl, and then the Scrambler.”

The park is family friendly for all ages. 

“I think what’s great about it, is these are all family rides. The kids, parents, and even grandparents can all ride, laugh, and have fun,” said Dan Koch with Alabama Splash Adventure. 

Want to keep the fun going but need a cooldown? 

“We’ve added a new kids’ slide complex called Splash Island! It includes five great kids’ slides, two water play areas, shaded area up above, seating below for mom and dad which is also next to a brand-new restaurant,” Koch said. 

There is also one more surprise that’s opening soon. 

“A freefall speed slide! It’s going to be 75 feet, thrill, thrill, thrill!” Koch said. “So, we have three huge additions in the water park: the dive show, the Splash Island, plus the freefall slide. We’re a family park but we also have thrilling elements for everyone to enjoy.”

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