Wild horses move to higher ground as Dorian makes landfall


BEAUFORT, NC (CNN) — People in North Carolina have been keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian and many of them have evacuated ahead of the storm. But there are some that won’t evacuate.

Like their ancestors before them, this group will ride the storm out.

These are the wild horses of the outer banks.

Long before Dorian began nearing their home, the colonial Spanish mustangs could sense the change in air pressure. They started gathering together to wade through the water towards higher ground.

Once they get there, the mustangs huddle under sturdy oak trees, their rears to the wind, to shelter themselves from the storm.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the herd. The organization says that these majestic creatures have been doing this for hundreds of years and they’re equipped to handle this kind of weather.

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