(NewsNation Now) — A long-haul truck driver dipped into his own food supply to feed motorists stranded on Interstate 95 in Virginia gridlocked by a winter storm.

Heavy snowfall and plunging temperatures stranded hundreds of motorists along a stretch of one of the nation’s biggest interstate highways.

“It was just a bad traffic jam. We were both stuck for eight and a half hours,” said Gachet during an appearance on “Morning in America.” “The least I could do is offer him a hot breakfast with a cup of juice.”

Gachet shared his breakfast with two people in a car who were stranded near his semi-trailer.

“They both were just shot and really thankful that I walked up with a hot breakfast,” he said. “It was just a really nice moment.”

Gachet’s truck was equipped with a microwave where he was able to heat up food.

There were no reported deaths or injuries, but plenty of outrage from motorists, some of whom were stranded overnight Monday into Tuesday, posting pleas for help on social media.

“Most truckers, you know, we’re ready for a week or a month at a time,” he said. “So we got food, water, heat in the cab. All the resources just perfect scenario to help someone else out in the car.”

Gachet then said of his selfless act, “My parents, they’ve raised me to be kind to other people.”