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Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — While some of us board planes or even trains to travel to our holiday plans, most of us drive, sometimes even in bad weather, to get to our destination.

Unfortunately, road trips come with risks, and law enforcement often issues reminders during the holidays to drive safely. However, crashes still occur– some of them deadly, and Alabama has one of the highest rates of fatal holiday crashes.

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, HelpAdvisor put together a list of the states with the highest rates of fatal accidentals surrounding Christmas and New Years. Alabama is ranked in the top ten, sitting at number nine above New Mexico and below three of its sister states: Georgia (8), Florida (4) and Mississippi (1). Kentucky (7), Oklahoma (6) and West Virginia (3) round out the top ten.

The report also finds that an average of 33% of fatal holiday crashes from 2015-2019 involved drivers whose blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. Some states, including Alabama, came in above the average.

In Connecticut, 50% of the 30 crashes involved high levels of alcohol, and out of 71 fatal holiday crashes in Alabama, 38%, or around 29 crashes, also fell into that category. Other states above the average include Louisiana and Texas as well as both North and South Carolina.

To see where other states land or to read more about the methodology, click here.

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