New York French bulldog survives 6-story fall off apartment building


NEW YORK (WIAT/CNN) — One New York dog owner is feeling relieved after her French bulldog survived a six-story fall off their apartment building.

Emma Heinrich said she was chasing her 2-year-old dog Winston after the pooch darted up a flight of stairs, through an open door and wound up on the roof.

“I watched him reach the edge – try to slow himself down – but it was too late and he just tumbled over the edge,” Heinrich said.

After Winston fell off the edge, Heinrich feared the worst.

“It was one of the most terrifying moments that I’ve experienced,” Heinrich said. “It was really, really scary, the three seconds between him going over the edge and him making impact…felt like hours.”

But she quickly discovered Winston survived the fall by falling through a parked car’s sunroof.

“He was just up sitting on the driver seat,” Heinrich said. “Heavily panting but just looking around. Everyone was like, ‘is this your dog?’ and I…I…I couldn’t speak for a minute. Because I was in shock and awe. He was seemingly ok.”

Winston did suffer a few stitches, cuts and bruises. But other than that, he is doing just fine, according to Heinrich.

Heinrich said she will be paying for the damaged sunroof.

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