Maine town trying to solve mystery of ‘diaper dumper’


AUBURN, Maine (CNN NEWSOURCE/WGME) — Someone has been dumping dirty adult diapers on roads in North Yarmouth, Maine for the past year.

Now, town officials are asking for help in identifying the perpetrator and solving a problem that is not sitting well with residents.

Town officials say this has been a problem for over a year, but lately, someone has been “illegally dumping” three to four times a week.

“The idea that someone thinks that’s good for public health is very misguided,” resident Meredith Kerr said.

The person has been tossing the dirty diapers on route 9, 115 and 231 in North Yarmouth. The town says it’s happening early in the morning and while some find it funny, other’s aren’t happy.

“We have a lot of people building houses here as you can see over here and it’s just not good for the community,” resident Joseph Messler said.

Town officials hope getting the word out on Facebook will help and authorities want to take a “load off” and solve this before winter.

“Plow season is coming and if the plow hits one of those bags, it’s already messy enough to pick up, but if the plow hits that, it’s just going to spread down the road for several hundred feet,” assistant town manager Debbie Grover said.

Will town officials find the diaper dumper? Well, that really just depends.

“I’ve worked for the town for 33 years and this is a first,” Grover said.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office says they’re already starting to get tips on this case.


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