Iowa woman, who is part-time defense lawyer and part-time prostitute, is trying to decriminalize her profession


(CNN) — One Iowa woman keeps herself very busy. She’s a defense attorney, wife, mother…and a prostitute.

“I like sex. Sex is fun. And I can get paid for it,” Katherine Sears said.

Sears began her career as a prostitute three years ago at the age of 27. She said that while she is extremely shy, working as a sex worker “empowered” her. So much so that she decided to get her law degree to try and decriminalize her profession.

Sears met her husband while in law school and together practice law in Iowa. She typically spends a week there and then travels to Nevada, where prostitution is legal, and spends three weeks there in a brothel.

She has taken the past year off to focus on her family. Her son is four months old.

While she does understand that some people may not agree with her views, she does want to end the stigma surrounding women expressing their sexuality.

In the meantime, she says she will take prostitution cases pro bono.

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