Instagram banning images that depict self-harm, suicide


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NEW YORK CITY (CNN NEWSOURCE) — After facing pressure to stop showing graphic content, Instagram will block posts about suicide and self-harm.

It all started earlier this year when British teen Molly Russell killed herself after looking at harmful posts. Her father blamed his daughter’s death on Instagram, saying the social media platform doesn’t prevent teens from viewing harmful content. A public outcry ensued and Instagram reduced suicidal posts.

But Sunday, Instagram took further steps to keep users safe. It plans to ban renderings, drawings, and memes that show suicide or any other self-harm. Accounts that share graphic content also won’t be recommended.

The company says so far, it has reduced the visibility of more than 830,000 pieces of harmful content.

The Facebook-owned company says users can post their stories of recovery, which can help some people, but those can also be harmful and triggering to others.


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