(The Hill) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), a 2024 GOP presidential candidate, said that fellow presidential candidate and rival, former President Donald Trump’s, “juvenile insults” toward him have helped him.

DeSantis made the remarks during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Sunday. 

“First of all, I mean, I think a lot of this stuff when he hits me with it with juvenile insults, I think that helps me,” DeSantis told reporters. “I don’t think voters like that. I think they look at it and they realize, like, you know what, that’s not effective. And so I don’t think it’s effective.” 

DeSantis also said Trump’s insults are just another reminder that millions of voters will not vote for him during this election cycle. 

“So I actually don’t mind that at all,” DeSantis added. “I think it’s just a reminder, why there’s so many millions of voters who will never vote for him going forward.”

Trump has targeted DeSantis with a slew of insults throughout the campaign cycle, referring to the governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious”. Trump took his latest shot at DeSantis during the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa last week, telling constituents that he “wouldn’t take a chance on that one.” 

This comes as DeSantis, who was once seen as a real rival to Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2024, has fallen in polls since announcing his presidential campaign in May. 

The 44-year-old politician recently laid off 38 staff members as his campaign seeks to revamp itself in the race for the presidency.